Boston Campus Ministry Hosts Second Annual HOPE for the Holidays Concert

Written by Cassie Capewell — Boston, MA Wednesday, 31 December 2014, re-posted from Disciples Today

hope_for_the_holidays_2014_2On Saturday December 14, 2014 the campus ministry of the Boston Church of Christ hosted the second annual HOPE for the Holidays concert, benefiting HOPE worldwide. The night was a huge success, raising over $1,500.
The concert included a set by the indie eclectic band Midnight Lantern comprised of Morgan Williams, Gracie Aho, Joshua Larrabee, Emma Gifford, and Avery Miller. They performed a set of ten original and cover songs including “You Alone” and “Soul Meets Body.” Among these songs was the fan-favorite, “Praise,” performed with the accompaniment of William Pike and Josh Zaagsma. The second half of the concert included songs performed by Noel Lopez and William Pike, Gabriel Paradis, Abbi White, and a spoken word piece by Justin Singletary. The worship team of the Downtown Boston Campus Ministry concluded the night. They led the audience in song and wonderfully performed holiday carols including “O Holy Night” and an amplified version of “Deck the Halls.”
hope_for_the_holidays_2014Along with the performances, the night included a raffle, and homemade concessions sold to directly benefit HOPE worldwide. The CD Nothing I Hold Onto, sold at the first HOPE for the Holidays Concert, was again for sale at the event, and is currently available online for purchase as well.
The Boston Campus Ministry was successful in hosting an event focused on loving and providing for others as God has himself done for us, and all of the glory is given to Him.

New Elder appointed in the Boston Church

2014-12-14 11.55.21We are pleased to announce that the Boston Church has a new Elder, Ron McCormick, who was appointed in the Southern Cities Region. Ron and his wife Bridget have been faithful disciples in the Boston Church for many years serving in multiple capacities. They have two faithful disciple sons Cameron and Delany. Ron is a multi-talented individual who has served in the Worship Ministry as a song leader, as a Deacon of Benevolence, Leader and Teacher in our Youth and Family Ministry and served on the Leadership Team of the Southern Cities Region.

2014-12-14 11.58.30His wife Bridget serves tirelessly and has helped to coordinate our large Youth and Families Ministry and with Ron helped to shepherd this important group. As they have recently become empty nesters, they have now taken on the shepherding role for our Singles Ministry in the Southern Cities Region. Please honor this couple for their love and commitment to God, their love for his people and their unending service to our church.

2014-12-14 12.02.03

Boston Church Honors Music Ministry Leadership for 150 Years of Combined Service

Written by Tony Martin — Boston, MA Tuesday, 23 December 2014 re-posted from Disciples Today

We are pleased to honor some of our long-time music ministry leadership with lifetime achievement awards.

Worship honorThe list of dignitaries includes Joe Galeota, tenured Professor at Berklee, and incredible partner; Dr. Sandra Morales, a world renowned musician and artist who received her Doctorate in Musicology at Harvard University; Carl Alleyne, choreographer to the stars and gifted singer and inspiring leader; James Cafferella, the heart and soul of the Boston music ministry; Cheryl Murphy, a quiet but consistent heroine who works behind the scenes to ensure stability, she humbly and graciously allows others a place in the spotlight, while choosing to work unseen and in secret.
Carl getting awardBryan Pitts, an awesome pianist, engineer, husband, father and soldier in the ranks of our music ministry leadership, has faithfully served 15+ years with a great passion and commitment to see that his region is offered the best in worship week after week, using the tools he has on hand. Mark Messinger, a Berklee graduate, a reluctant leader and brilliant composer and arranger, is another gifted colleague in the ranks of our music ministry leadership that deserves a standing ovation.
And finally, Barry Bushart, who is an incredible servant, has a way about him where he makes very difficult tasks easy. For years, when there is a need, he has been the first on the scene and the last one to leave. He has served in numerous roles over the 30 plus years of service, all without grumbling, complaining or fighting for recognition.
The last two years I have had the privilege of serving in the role of worship director in the Boston Church of Christ has been a very rewarding experience. I was compelled to write an open letter of expressions and gratitude for such extraordinary music ministry leadership in the Boston Church of Christ. These servants are worthy of being honored because of the long-time service to God and his people.

A Poem For Christmas Devo 2014 – Performed and Written By Yaa Acheampong

Christmas Devo 2014Friday night December 12th, 2014 and the world is hurting.

Losses of loved ones and a reminder of Satan’s reign as the king of this earth ring loudly in my ears as friends shed tears and protesters die-in the streets of our cities.

I can’t breathe, because I am choking on the sadness in the air around me.
Thick, foggy sadness that makes it hard to see the Christmas lights. Or any light for that matter.

Friday night December 12th 2014 and the world is hurting
and yet we are not here tonight to mourn.
We gather here to celebrate.
Yes. You heard right.
We are here to celebrate tonight.
Because though the world is hurting and though our own hurts may cling tight to our chests giving our pain no rest, we still have a reason to praisefully shout.

We have a reason to sing out JOY.

Joy to the World! The LORD has come.

He has come. He has come. The Lord has come!

Friday night December 12th 2014, and I’m here to remind you of just what that means.
Why “the Lord has come” is the greatest truth for the world at large and for me and for you. To remind myself of the joy of the birth of our Lord.

Let’s begin with the end. A risen Christ. A reminder that death could not snuff out the Light. An insurrection of Satan’s realm through the resurrection of Jesus, well we shout “Joy to the world” our Lord overcame and despite his grave circumstances he remains

and so will we.

One step back. To the cross. To our Saviour’s life lost. No pain no gain. He gained us through his pain.
Joy to the world, the Lord has come and our sin no longer remains. He set us free!

And we are free indeed.

One step back. To the feeding of the masses. Jesus taught classes on hospitality and true love. One that stoops down from above to meet us at our feet. Us who sing Joy to the world!
The Lord has come to make us clean!

And we stand redeemed.

One step back. To the clearing of the temple. To a Lord who stands indignant to the purpose of his people to a Lord who stands not idly but gets himself involved and fights
As his temple gets destroyed
As his people get distraught
We have been taught that we are his temple. So joy to the world! The Lord has come to defend

And we stand

Last step back. To the crying of a baby. To the silent hopes of maybes as the Lord entered the world. To a future of defending. A future of protecting. A future of redeeming. A future of soul-cleaning. A future where the pain would lead to us gained. A future where the grave was no longer the end game.

Friday night December 12th 2014 and the world is hurting
yet we are not here tonight to mourn.
We gather here to celebrate.
For our Lord was born.