We are a collection of saved sinners who are thankful for God’s grace and mercy, but who are learning more and more about the life of devotion that his grace teaches us to live. We are convinced that every aspect of life–marriage, family, friendships, work and school–are all transformed by the message of Jesus. The Boston Church is a family of nearly twenty-three hundred people in the Greater Boston area who are committed to following Jesus in the 21st Century.

Those who attend our services are often amazed to see the diversity represented in our fellowship. We are committed to spreading the message of Christ around the world and are particularly focused on planting and growing churches in Europe.

If you are seeking a relationship with God we invite you to worship with us in one of our eight Worship Centers located throughout the Boston area.

Our congregation began in 1979 in Lexington, Massachusetts, with 30 plus members and a commitment to live and worship as committed disciples of Jesus. We are now a congregation of over 2,000 Christians who worship throughout the Boston area--reflecting a racial and ethnic diversity and enjoying the unity that Jesus envisioned.

Since our humble beginning, the Boston Church of Christ has striven to be a "sending church" as we continue to carry out Jesus' instructions in Matthew 28:18-20.  The Boston Church has sent hundreds of missionaries and millions of dollars to cities all over the world, planting over 60 churches in more than 25 nations. We  support the International Missions Society , which provides financial and spiritual support to congregations throughout Europe.

We are affiliated with hundreds of other like-minded churches around the world who are a part of the International Churches of Christ, but we recognize that there are others outside this fellowship who are in the family of God. For news and church information visit Disciples Today.

Our qualified staff reflects the diversity of our congregation.  Our elders shepherd and oversee the church and our evangelists and ministers teach, preach and inspire faith as they share the Scriptures. They strive to help each individual  have a vibrant walk with God and seek to share the good news of the Gospel with as many as possible.  Our women's ministry leaders inspire and teach the women how to find the value and purpose for which they were created.  Our teachers help us go deeper in the study and understanding of the Scriptures.

We are grateful for the service of the men who serve as elders of the Boston Church of Christ.  Our elders are exemplary in their character and families, as instructed by the Sciptures.  These men and their wives work tirelessly to oversee and shepherd the church.  They meet  together twice a month. One of those times is for further training and also includes those who are training to become elders.

Our Administrative Staff works tirelessly to ensure that the church runs smoothly in its finances and in compliance to regulations and laws applying to churches.

All not-for-profit corporations are required to have a board of directors to oversee its fiduciary and financial affairs. Our bylaws require that members of the Board be faithful, baptized disciples and members of the Boston Church of Christ in good standing and are authorized by the elders. They must have the desire and God-given gifts necessary to serve, and each must characterize a personal commitment to the values of our church. The elders and evangelists of the church are extremely grateful for the service the board provides. The following individuals currently serve on the Board of the Boston Church of Christ: Charles Bradley, Mark Buchholz (serves as President of the Corporation), Paige Chisholm, Todd Isherwood (Chairman of the Board), Chris Kidd, Craig Leiby, Larry Scipioni, Larry Reed, Pat Stolte, Dave Mula, David Roux, Michael Hunt, Elba Mendez-Huertas, Carl Peirce, and Eddie Lung. Gary Slebodnick serves as the Treasurer, and Bill Rocha serves as the Clerk.

Who Are We...

We're an eclectic group of people who have found a blessed treasure.

Our History

Our congregation began in 1979 in Lexington, Massachusetts with 30 plus members and a comitment to live and worship as committed disciples of Jesus. We are now a congregation of over 2,000 Christians who worship throughout the Boston are--reflecting a racial and ethnic diversity as we enjoy...

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Our Vision

As a church we strive to know God and make God known. We desire to show the world that thre is a God who deeply cares for us and who has a plan for each of our live...

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Our People

The Boston Church of Christ is one of the only churches i the Boston area that has a truly diverse membership.  We're also diverse in our life situations. Here you'll find married couples, singles, single parents, college students, teenagers, older people, white-collar, blue-collar and stay...

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Jesus gave us a new command--to love one another as he loved us. When you visit our church you WON'T find people rushing for the door as soon as th service is over. We are committed to being involved in one another's lives, and we stay around to talk and encourage one anoth...

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