Board of Directors

All not-for-profit corporations are required to have a board of directors to oversee its fiduciary and financial affairs. Our bylaws require that members of the Board be faithful, baptized disciples and members of the Boston Church of Christ in good standing and are authorized by the elders. They must have the desire and God-given gifts necessary to serve, and each must characterize a personal commitment to the values of our church. The elders and evangelists of the church are extremely grateful for the service the board provides. The following individuals currently serve on the Board of the Boston Church of Christ: Charles Bradley, Mark Buchholz (serves as President to the Corporation), Paige Chisholm, Todd Isherwood, Chris Kidd, Michael Koha, Craig Leiby, Jim McCartney (Chairman of the Board), Larry Scipioni, Steve Shoff, Charles Stewart, Pat Stolte, Kim Walters, and Charlie White. Gary Slebodnick serves as the Treasurer to the corporation but is not a board member. Joey Santos service as Secretary for the board but is not a board member.

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