Hiring of Doug and Joyce Arthur

The elders are pleased to announce the hiring of Douglas and Joyce Arthur as congregational evangelist and women’s ministry leader.  With your help we have pursued God’s will in this matter through prayer and fasting.  We take this new step of faith with trust in God’s grace and guidance. Our decision revolved around three major... Read More

Lead Evangelist Job Description for BCC

First and foremost taken from instructions and focus of Timothy and Titus Expected to inspire and train the evangelist role in the BCC.  Includes raising up new evangelists and further developing that role in those currently filling them Expected to inspire the evangelistic mission of the BCC beyond Boston in NE and Europe in a... Read More

The Elders Appeal for Congregational Prayer and Fasting

The elders want to place before the congregation an appeal for prayer, fasting and feedback concerning a pending decision about whether or not to hire Doug and Joyce Arthur as lead evangelist and women’s ministry leader for the Boston church.  There have been ongoing discussions, but now we want to place this appeal before the... Read More

All Church Devotional: “Faith in Action”

It is always great when the entire Boston Church can get together; the fellowship, the singing, the preaching and just seeing everyone together is inspiring.  But when you add in the Band, Doug Arthur speaking and some amazing faith stories is just keeps getting better! Wyndham Shaw welcomed us with his “State of Church Message” and shared... Read More

International Missions Society 2006 Year End Report

2006 Report Through the generous help (with financial and pastoral resources) from the New England disciples the IMS was able to support a two-pronged 2006 strategy: (1) strengthen and protect the existing churches and (2) inspire and connect the churches within Europe.  With a 2006 budget of $760,000 the IMS supported four leaders part-time and one full-time,... Read More

Welcome to the new Boston Church of Christ Webpage

Welcome to the new Boston Church of Christ Webpage. We have redesigned the web page with the help of RightTurn and have tried to update the look and feel of the webpage. Over the next few months we will be adding features and functionality along with new articles. Each region and ministry now has its... Read More

Letter from the Board

Board of Directors Report to the Boston Church of Christ Financial Health Weekly giving has been quite consistent this year although is has dipped in several regions this fall. Overall, the contribution is forecasted to finish the year slightly above the original budgeted amount. The Directors would like to commend the congregation for their continued giving... Read More

Beam Mission Fund (BMF) Announcement – Q & A

1. Why did the Boston Elders decide to establish a new foundation? Tom Beam wanted his gift to be used for effective mission’s efforts anywhere in the world.  He also wanted his gift to be overseen by the Boston eldership.  The elders felt that a new organization with this specific purpose would best accomplish what... Read More

Beam Missions Foundation Announcement

1 Corinthians 12:26b … If one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.  To our Brothers and Sisters in Boston and around the world! We are excited to inform you that the Boston Church has established the Beam Missions Foundation to assist organizations and congregations in our collective efforts to evangelize the world. This Foundation... Read More

Vision Statements

For the Church The Boston Church of Christ is a community of devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, participating by God’s grace in his thrilling process of transforming our lives and our world, filled with his Spirit and faithfully committed to seeing Christ exalted, obeyed, imitated and glorified through lifting up God in meaningful worship, loving... Read More

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