What does the European Mission Society do? With AT Arneson

Check out the Video from the ‘Create in Me’, Teen led conference for all of NY, Boston and NE.

Vidiography by Julius and Heather Ferrer of the Hartford Church of Christ Read More

Bible Jubilee “Daniel”, John Oakes, Video is now Available

John Oakes came and did an exposition on the Book of Daniel on February 15 at Nevins Hall in Framingham .  The classes were a practical application of the stories of Daniel, Shadrdach, Meshach and Abednego as they faced intense pressure from the world to compromise their conviction, and a detailed analysis of the predictive prophecies... Read More

Latest Missions Minute

Check out the latest Missions Video. We want to thank Frank McDonnell for taping and editing these amazing videos! Read More

Teen Camp 2013, ‘Selfless’ Highlight Video

One of the highlights of the year for our teens is Teen Camp.  Here is a highlight reel of all the good times produced by Julius Ferrer.  Enjoy!   Read More

Special Missions Contribution coming up on September 15th

We wanted to encourage everyone to be preparing for our Special Missions Contribution coming up on September 15th. We are excited about the progress we are making both in NE and in Europe. Here is the latest Mission Minutes Video from the International Missions Society. Let it encourage all of us as we sacrifice for... Read More

Hope Youth Corp 2013

Hope worldwide sponsors Hope Youth Corp as a service and impact to communities around the world using our youth as its servants.  In 2013  HYC impacted those in need and softened the hearts and changed the lives of your children and youth. Zack Goodwin, HOPE worldwide’s National Volunteer Director, shares about the HYC 2013 summer... Read More

ICOC HotNews Video: Los Angeles Cooperation Committee Meeting

 ICOC Hotnews recently traveled to Los Angeles where the ICOC Cooperation Committee meeting was held. Representatives from around the world met to discuss important issues for the International Churches of Christ. This video takes a look at what’s going on in the churches right now. Read More

Scott and Lynne Green Moving to Berlin

As most of you are aware by now, Scott and Lynne Green will be moving from Seattle to Berlin, Germany to take over the leadership of the Berlin church beginning in January of 2014. Scott and Lynne recently returned from a month-long visit to Europe, part of which included a week in Berlin to connect... Read More

First Service in Warsaw Poland

On Sunday, June 30 a team of 13 disciples from Kiev, Ukraine held the first official service of the new congregation in Warsaw, Poland with 95 in attendance! Shawn Wooten put together a short video update to share some of the great things that God is doing through this small group of fired-up disciples. Read More

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    Sep 27, 2020

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