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Elizabeth Rose sharing

In 2010, Clarence and Laura Webster started an 11am-1 pm bible study in Brockton at the Heritage Bible Book Store. In 2012, at the end of one of the bible studies, a young lady by the name of Elizabeth Rose walked in and introduced herself to Laura; this is how the conversation went:

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Elizabeth says I like this group;  I think I would like to join it.  Laura says great and tells her the weekly time and location.  Elizabeth says to Laura the group is good, but I would like something more personal where I could learn more about God — the one-on-one kind.  After Laura took the frog out of her throat (thinking to herself I do believe this woman is inviting me to do a personal bible study with her), she said to Elizabeth, “I know what you mean, I like personal bible studies as well.” Elizabeth was so excited and said, “Can you do that with me?”  Laura said, “Yes!  And you know what?  I am very good at doing those one-on-one personal bible studies.”  Elizabeth asked when they could start.  Laura asked when she would like to start.  Elizabeth said how about next week at this same place at 9 a.m. Laura agreed.  Elizabeth also asked if she could continue to attend the group bible study right afterward.  Laura certainly agreed.

Laura and Elizabeth started the personal bible study and about three weeks later in the group bible study, Clarence (who leads the group) asked the group to share a secret that no one else knew about.  Elizabeth leans over and says to Laura, “Can I share something with you?”  Laura says yes.  Elizabeth says, Laura, you know when I walked in to meet you three weeks ago — well that was not my first time being here.  I attended this bible study for one year hiding behind the book shelves listening.  Needless to say, Laura was floored.

On March 17, 2013, Elizabeth Rose was baptized into Christ.  Elizabeth’s husband is currently studying the bible with Clarence.

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