How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

October 19, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Arlington Bldg
75 Pleasant Street
How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex @ Arlington Bldg

All Parents (of kids ages 0-25)

The Master Plan of Sexuality

God’s Design of Sexuality, Intimacy and Sex for Ourselves and Our Kids

God is the master designer of all that exists.  Yes.  That includes us as sexual beings, sex and sexuality.  Our perceptions and experiences are greatly influenced by a world that has lost sight or perhaps never understood the design of the Master Creator.  For us to be the best version of ourselves, have the best understanding of ourselves, the healthiest and most fulfilling intimacy, we must seek to understand the heart and mind of the Designer.

Books, movies, magazines, tv shows, internet, workmates and schoolmates are not the premier places we want our kids to form their views and habits!

Join us for these special events which will help us in our own lives, whether single or married.  And, will help us guide our children to develop their own healthy/Biblical perspective of themselves, as sexual beings, as they grow to understand God’s design for intimacy.


Guest Speakers: Tim and Dr. Jennifer Konzen

Tim and Jennifer are active disciples in the San Diego church of Christ.  Jennifer is a sex therapist and combines her professional training and bible study to teach Gods design for sexuality.  Their approach alleviates shame, misconceptions, fear and irreverence. It aids the development of an internal sense of godliness ultimately leading to healthy relationships and the purity of perspective we all so desire.

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