Lead Evangelist Job Description for BCC

  1. First and foremost taken from instructions and focus of Timothy and Titus
  2. Expected to inspire and train the evangelist role in the BCC.  Includes raising up new evangelists and further developing that role in those currently filling them
  3. Expected to inspire the evangelistic mission of the BCC beyond Boston in NE and Europe in a spirit of respect and cooperation with other churches and leaderships   This would include a cooperative spirit of mission work worldwide with other churches so focused
  4. Expected to lead a personal ministry in the BCC to be mutually agreed upon by him, elder and evangelist team
  5. Expected to respect and harmonize elder and teacher roles of leadership into overall purpose of preparing God’s people for the work of the ministry   Eph 4:11-16

In distinction from roles of elder and teacher provides more of:

  • Prophetic edge: Call for obedience to New Covenant teaching; expectation of practicing what we know to be God’s will
  • Evangelistic thrust: Equipping the disciples to share their faith and be evangelistically fruitful… making it as inspiring and practically available as possible
  • Inspiration and faith: Setting an example and profile of God’s power and presence in personal life victories and impact within the congregation

The role would focus on using staff meetings and personal discipling for equipping and training fellow Evangelists on how to effectively and successfully engage their ministry in above ways.  Also how to effectively use non-staff training opportunities to most effectively equip small group leaders in above ways to coincide with the public ministry.

Working Relationships

  1. Under the oversight of and accountable to the elders of BCC
  2. Team leader of OPS group for forging church growth strategy and implementation throughout each region
  3. Forging consensus with OPS team for ministry operations of BCC
  4. Setting up discipling and supervisory roles within the staff
  5. Initiating and participating in annual evaluation reviews for staff
  6. Recommending staff development moves as financially possible or functionally needed.  Final decisions to be approved by elders
  7. Taking responsibility for staff motivation and morale
  8. Discipling and being discipled by elder couple and working groups above.

Elder and Evangelist team meeting schedule to be set and kept as agreed to by effective function and communication required.

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