Parisian History: Four Elders Appointed

Parisian History: Four Elders Appointed Featured, Written by Jeanie Shaw — Boston, MA Wednesday, 06 May 2015 12:04

Paris elders (Copy)Paris—Her museums showcase centuries of brilliant artwork. History shouts loudly from her magnificent bridges and buildings. However, on Sunday, April 26, 2015, God’s Spirit led a historical event of much greater significance than any of these—as four elders were appointed in the Paris Church of Christ.

Ending a week where four Parisians had made Jesus Lord and were baptized into Christ, we worshiped together in song and prayer. We were inspired by the preaching of God’s word and shared in the church’s joy as the four brothers were charged by God to shepherd the Paris church. Each of these men and their wives have been with the Paris church for many years, guiding her through tumultuous times and leading her forward in faith and growth over the past several years. Their families are exemplary as they share their love for God and his church.

John McGuirk, evangelist for the Paris church, shared his love and appreciation for Pierre Cariven, Yannick LeNoan, and Brad King—and then read God’s charge to elders from the Scriptures as he recognized the men’s service as shepherds of the church and appointment to the eldership.

Carol McGuirk, women’s ministry leader in the Paris church, tearfully shared her love and appreciation for Marilyn Cariven, Emma LeNoan, and Ann King as they serve beside their husbands, setting a spiritual example for the women.

Wyndham Shaw, an elder from Boston, Massachusetts, who has been working with “elder training” in Europe, then appointed John McGuirk as the fourth elder. The McGuirks returned to the mission field in Paris three years ago. Their leadership has brought fresh faith, and focus on God’s love and power as over fifty souls have been added to the church during this time.

We rejoice with the Paris church and are inspired by their faith, fueled by God’s Spirit to help make this City of Lights a true “City of Light.”

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