Radiant – Boston Church of Christ Women’s Service

Radiant Singers“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”    Psalm 34:4-5

The Spirit of God was evident as joyful worship and loving fellowship radiated from the standing-room- only crowd of women during the Boston Church of Christ women’s worship service yesterday.  The over a thousand disciples, along with many friends and neighbors, gathered to glorify our great God as we shared stories of changed lives and heard the word of God powerfully preached.

Radiant 2013-04-14 033The morning opened with beautiful, harmonious and vibrant singing, as well as some “dancing to the Lord” with the Jubilant Feet dancers.   Eyes became misty as we sang, “I Can Only Imagine,” and then heard a chorus swell with a beautiful rendition of “Lamb of God.”

Yaa Acheampong and Marisol  Figueroa moved our hearts to tears with the spoken word, a poetic and dramatic narrative(intermingled between Spanish and English,) pointing us to the one who truly makes us radiant.

One of our teens, Emma Perkins, shared her journey from seeking security from others to finding her security in God.  Then, Suzette Standring, another sister from the Southern Worship Center, shared how after her broken marriages, she saw God’s reflection radiating from her daughter who had become a disciple.  After studying the Bible and becoming a disciple, she has seen her life transformed.

Kristen Gonet and Dawn Tanzar, from the Northern Worship Center, shared a powerful story before we took communion together.  Dawn (born over fifty years ago into a Jewish family) had felt the emptiness of her life for many years. She saw something very different in her neighbors, the Gonets, and first responded to friendship because of their dog (she is a dog lover) and then their children.  After learning of God’s love, and his family- the church, she was baptized and saw her life become one that is now radiant, as she is filled with God’s love, joy and peace.  She now has a true family in Christ, as promised in Mark 10:29-30.  Kristen reminded us that only at the foot of the cross, where everyone is on level ground,  could a “Jewish biker chic” (who grew up surrounded by dysfunction) and a young suburban mom (who grew up in a Christian family surrounded by love) have the depth of relationship they now share. You can see a previous sharing of this story here. (Click here to watch this video) 

Several of our very talented campus women sang a song composed and written by two of them, Morgan Williams and Elle Currier.  You can watch it here. (Click here to watch the video of the campus women performing the song, ‘Radiant’)

Kay McKean, from Northern Virginia, was our guest speaker for the day.  Kay is dearly loved by the Boston church, as she and her husband, Randy, served here for fifteen years.  Kay shared deeply and powerfully from God’s word on the subject “Radiant.”  Beginning with the book of Exodus and the life of Moses, she shared how Moses, though not knowing God in his upbringing, encountered God.  When we encounter God, like Moses, we stand on “holy ground.”  Moses’ face radiated after encountering God on the mountain.  Though Moses was not aware of his face, those around him were fearful because of the radiance he emitted.  Kay went on to share how we can’t “put on radiance,” but it must come from within.  This we cannot do without the Spirit of Jesus in us.

Kay continued to share how God transforms us on our journey, as this world is a dress rehearsal for heaven. Within God’s plan, the church, we learn to love,  to serve, to sacrifice and to be kind as he transforms us form one degree of glory to another so that his radiance can shine brightly. The church is to be the city set on a hill that shines as a beacon of light for this lost world.

We closed the day with a song befitting the entire day, “Sing the wondrous love of Jesus, sing his mercies and his grace…… When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be.  When we all see Jesus, we’ll sing and shout the victory.” 

Photos courtesy of Carolyn Grasso

Editor’s note: Personally, as I looked around at the faces of so many I know and love and participated in this time of worship, I felt so grateful and proud to be part of this radiant church.

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