Ken Ostrowski

ostrowskis.jpgKen and Judy are members of the Metro region in the Boston church. Ken became a disciple in 1985.  Judy followed shortly after in the first part of 1986. They have served the church in various leadership roles since the late 1980’s. In 1993 Ken and Judy co-founded and served for seven years as the directors of the HOPE Food Pantry in Framingham. Ken was appointed an elder in the Boston Church  in Feb. 2003.

Ken works as the director of Maintenance for Uno Foods Inc. a food manufacturing company in Brockton Ma. Judy works full time for Surgisite Boston, an eye surgery center in Waltham, providing administrative and patient interface services. They have two children: their son Jake and daughter-in-law Bethany serve together on the staff of the Granite State Church of Christ in the Portsmouth area. Their daughter Cori is a disciple in the Atlanta area and is studying to be a nurse.

Ken enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including sports, walking and even yard work. When he has time to read, he finds his heart being moved by the writing of Max Lucado and his imagination being stirred by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

“I believe that as we look forward,” says Ken, “one of the keys to our spiritual health is going to be how we imitate Jesus in his humility. I know that God will bless anything that we are doing, as long as we consider others above ourselves and look to their interests before our own. He encourages us all to focus on Philippians 2:3-4.”

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