The Elders Appeal for Congregational Prayer and Fasting

The elders want to place before the congregation an appeal for prayer, fasting and feedback concerning a pending decision about whether or not to hire Doug and Joyce Arthur as lead evangelist and women’s ministry leader for the Boston church.  There have been ongoing discussions, but now we want to place this appeal before the entire congregation. John McGuirk and Wyndham Shaw met with the leadership team from the Greater Baltimore Church of Christ who agreed to our interviewing the Arthurs with their blessing. Doug and Joyce have met with the elders, evangelists and other full time staff and members.  The Board of Directors and regional advisory teams were also informed of these discussions over the past two weeks.  A group of our elders and evangelists, along with input from board members with experience in human resources, have put together an interview process that is underway but not yet complete. This role has been defined by the elders and staff and would be under the oversight of the elders. This is in keeping with the team leadership model currently in place at both the all-church and region levels of the church.  While we are very encouraged with the progress the church has made, the elders are convinced we need someone who is focused on the mission of the Boston church as a whole and who is dedicated to inspiring and training staff and non staff leadership to fulfill our vision for this church.

The Arthurs were both baptized here in the Boston Church of Christ and have served in leadership roles in churches worldwide.  They currently serve the Greater Baltimore Church of Christ.  They have experienced both great victories and challenging setbacks in their spiritual journey but have persevered through both with faith, humility and love for God and His church.  We have two specific requests from the congregation regarding this pending decision:

1)  Diligent prayer and fasting as to God’s will for the Boston church in this decision.  Our call is for every member to appeal to God for his Spirit to make it clear whether this is the best choice for the Boston Church of Christ and for the Arthurs. (See specific request below)

2)  We are asking that any specific questions or concerns be made known to the elders or staff in your region.  The elders’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses are available on the church website (click here to go there) or through your staff.

We realize that this is an important decision accompanied by varied opinions. We are convinced that through prayer, fasting and surrender to God’s will He is able to help us make this decision and that we can all arrive at  a place of peace and unity of spirit.  After prayer and reviewing feedback from all levels the elders hope to make a decision by March 15th.

Your leaders plan to fast and pray for three days (Feb 27 — March 1) and we ask all who can to join us in fasting and praying during this time to do so.  But we especially want to ask the entire congregation as a whole to join together on March 1st in prayer and for those who can to fast as well. We believe that God will answer our prayers as to His will in this matter.

The Elders

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